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1. Attend an Open House/ Pre-Application Opportunity
We encourage all interested families to REGISTER to attend an Open House event as soon as possible. This registration will also act as a free, no-risk, pre-application opportunity to guarantee your space in line, should you choose to apply to our school. If the Open House dates do not work for you, we still ask you to register, so we know you are interested in applying to Thorne Nature Preschool. 

The Open House events will meet at East Boulder Community Center and will be an opportunity to meet staff, learn about the program, and experience our new Nature Preschool outdoor classroom. Thorne will provide engaging, nature play programming for your child/ren in the same location. Due to childcare programs occurring at the Center during these hours, we will not tour the indoor facility, but we will have photos available.

2. Submit an Application

After the Open House, if you feel that Thorne Nature Preschool is the right fit for your child and your family, the next step is to submit an application to enter our applicant pool. Applications will be available at the Open House events or can be sent via email or mail.

3. Interview/Family Visit

Upon receipt of your application, Thorne Nature Preschool will contact you to schedule your family visit for you and your child. This will provide us with a glimpse of your child and start the journey of getting to know each other. Every applicant must participate in a family visit or interview

4. Submit Enrollment forms and deposit
After receiving your confirmation, you can enroll your child in Thorne Nature Preschool, by completing your enrollment contract, paying your deposit and completing required student forms. In addition, we require your child’s health and immunization records for enrollment. Providing your enrollment forms with the enrollment deposit will reserve a space for your child.To enroll, families must return their signed enrollment contract and the required deposit within 10 business days of receiving the admissions offer.

Click here to REGISTER for an Open House

Applications to Thorne Nature Preschool will be accepted regardless of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, political persuasion, national origin or ancestry.